Pink 5-inch heels

Pink 5-inch heelsNo shoe collection for any fashion-conscious woman is complete without at least one pair of pink, 5-inch heels. Not only is pink an extremely hot, sexy color for women but heels do a great job accentuating the roundness of a woman’s buttocks and adding attractive, confidence-building height for her as well. The color pink is the pinnacle color for women – nothing screams “Woman” more than flaming, hot pink. But women have not always been able to embrace their feminine side as easily as they can today. Before sexual equality and feminism became the norm, women who wore pink, 5-inch heels were looked down up or thought of as prostitutes. This is because women whose jobs relied on their looks have known for centuries what is is that turn the heads of men: The color pink and a pair of shapely hips. The pink, 5-inch heels provide both. As a result, the pink 5 inch heel has likely been a staple component of the wardrobe of a “working woman”. Thankfully for today’s women, feminism came along in the last half of the 20th century to allow all girls the chance to embrace their sexuality.

Over the past 50 years, there has been a monumental shift towards modernity and equality for women. No longer are women confined to merely “the kitchen and the bedroom”. Now the presence of women is in the boardroom as well. But some things will never change and the desire to look good, feel good, and turn heads is ubiquitous among all women. Helping today’s modern woman achieve this is not easy. Women have to balance the desire to turn heads with the continued battle to also earn respect from men who are all-to-quick to judge a woman by her appearance. While this may not be fair, it too is an ever-present fact of life women have to deal with. For the boardroom, it will always be best to dress professionally. Men are too driven by what they see and what they would like to touch and it’s important to make a good first – and second – impression on co-workers and potential clients. In the workplace, women – like men – should ‘dress to impress’ but not by calling attention to their sexuality. Pink 5-inch heels aren’t appropriate for the boardroom nor the office cubicle, no matter how good a woman feels while she’s wearing them. Instead, conservative clothing should be a woman’s first choice when she’s in the office.

It’s Friday, 5pm. Work is over for today’s woman and she’s headed home to get ready for an evening out on the town with her girl friends. But what to wear? Thanks to feminism’s effect on relaxation of clothing standards, and thanks to working women having more disposable income than ever before, there are a plethora of fun, sexy fashion options for a girl to lose herself in. After deciding on a cute, short skirt and blouse combination, footwear becomes a huge question for a girl looking to make an impression and turn heads. Welcome to the party, Pink 5-Inch Heels! A woman wearing pink, 5-inch heels will be the belle of the ball. These heels will really give a girl plenty of confidence. She knows heads are turning, and she feels the watchful eyes of men on her well-rounded hips that garner even more attention due to the buttock-raising effect of the pink, 5-inch heels. The hot pink color and added height of the heels announce her confidence and her sexuality to both men and women alike. Soon she’ll be surrounded by potential suitors and jealous women, which is exactly what she wants. And she could not have done it without the feminist sacrifices of women before her…and a pair of pink 5-inch heels!


Wear high heels everyday

As an observer of pop culture in the United States of America, it isn’t unusual to see celebrities, models on the runway, or women in commercials eating burgers wearing high heels. They walk effortlessly, showing off long limbs that are tightened in direct correlation with the height of the heel, and it doesn’t matter if they are wearing dresses or jeans: heels are mandatory. But are they conducive for the every day woman to wear, well, every day? According to professionals in the field, one in ten women wear high heels at least three days a week, and according to statistics, one third of those women end up with chronic problems of the foot. In addition to foot problems, a woman can be faced with muscle spasms, damage to leg tendons, and even back problems. All of this to say, a woman could easily wear heels all day, but not without paying the price. It is, however, important to recognize that a woman can wear high heels simply because she likes them, rather than there serving any further purpose. It is also important to recognize that women who do like wearing heels need to educate them on the pros and cons of the prolonged usage.

The argument then is this, what about the ladies who claim they enjoy wearing high heels, that they find them comfortable? There is definitely something to be said for the elongation of the leg, the tightening of the muscles resulting in the slim look that is so desired in society, and looking that much better in whatever outfit one happens to put on that day, but at what cost? As soon as a heel reaches two inches or higher, a person (generally a woman), is putting herself in danger. As aforementioned, there are health hazards to wearing high heels all day, and that’s not even taking into account the falls that can result from a lack of balance and incorrect weight distribution. Every woman has had the mantra, “Beauty is pain,” drilled into her head by pop culture and high heels plays hand in hand with that. This isn’t to say that occasional usage of high heels is detrimental, but wearing high heels every day is statistically, and scientifically, damaging to one’s body. Luckily, there are ways to avoid getting hurt. Select lower heels (two inches is where the danger begins), don’t wear heels multiple days in a row, wear high heels that are the right size, invest in a good shoe and a good insole, and don’t be afraid to take a break and sit down. A woman can wear heels, look great in them, but without the side effects that can result. Educating oneself about the long-term effects of high heel usage can go a long distance in protecting the two appendages that get someone from here to there.

Walking in 5 inch heels

Walking in heels is an art form. Women, and some men, have to learn the proper way in which to stand and walk if they do not want to be seen face down on the floor. There isn’t a class in school or a shop that gives out walking in heels lessons. Those beautiful shoes that you spent your hard earned money on can be the talking point of the evening. Whether it be because you look stunning in those shoes or because you just tripped and fell head first into the punch bowl. Learning some proper body mechanics is a good start towards walking in 5 inch heels like a pro.

Keep your head up. This is important because the way the human body moves, if ones head is looking down, the back arcs, moving your body forward and keeping you on your toes. This isn’t the big problem, what happens is when you look back up, your body shifts and one high heels, this could mean disaster. Having proper posture in regards to head placement will keep your shoes on your feet and under your weight, giving even displacement to the entire shoe, not just the heel.

Keep your center of gravity the same. This one is probably the most important piece of advice. When walking in heels, you should note that the heel of your foot is not very well supported, therefore, if you constantly shift your center of gravity, you are chancing more weight shifting to either side of the foot, causing either a sprained ankle or a more embarrassing face plant. Also something that this article will touch on later is the way in which one leans. Leaning backwards or forwards moves one’s center of gravity, and when things shift things can go from good to disaster in the matter of a step. Try purchasing high heels with a wider heel in the back first, so you can practice, before moving onto thinner and more dangerous shoes.

Leaning back is something that many people find comfortable to do when walking. This isn’t bad in normal shoes, it keeps your back stretched and it feels natural. However, in 5 inch heels, you are pushing your luck and betting that you won’t continue falling backwards or snapping that fragile heel. Leaning forward slightly while walking will allow your weight to be on the toes of your feet and allow for more control while walking in heels. This is especially useful if you are unsure of the surface you are walking on. When one leans back, it is harder to replant your feet because the slipping motion forces ones body backwards while pushing the foot out, it is much easier to bring your foot back underneath your body if you start falling forward. There are more tips and tricks in regards to wearing heel, however, one must start with the basics or tragedy will befall your date night, and perhaps, leave lasting effects that remind you why you don’t wear heels anymore.

Women and men inch 5 footwear

inch 5 footwearMany people do not know that originally, men wore the high heels, not women. This was a common practice way back when, especially for horse-back riding. Heels allowed the shoes to slip into the stirrups more readily. Somewhere around the seventeenth century, women copied the style, with mostly women of the upper and middle classes wearing heeled shoes. As high heels inch 5 footwear became more common among the lower classes, the upper- and middle-classed ladies kept upping the heel height, finally arriving at around five inches as an optimal height for style and glamour. Many women feel that this inch 5 footwear the legs to their best advantage and gives an overall slim attractive profile. Of course, that high of a heel requires a change in walking logistics, as it throws the body forward and puts a stretch on the calf muscles. In fact, it is often hard for women who are used to walking in inch 5 footwear to revert to flat or low-heeled shoes later, probably due to the stretch that occurs in these lower leg muscles.

Many of the styles are fashioned with a platform below the ball of the foot, and more of a wedge for the heel. These are easier to walk in, and can be a good transition for someone desiring to break into high-heel shoe wearing. After trying these inch 5 footwear, one can make a transition to a higher spiked heel, maybe three to four inches in height, and eventually rising to the towering five-inch stiletto height. One must take care, as it is easy to take a tumble or a bad fall; i.e., if the heel gets caught in a grate and breaks. As with many other situations, high heels and alcohol do not mix well – one’s chances of taking a spill may be increased when “under the influence” or not paying attention to one’s activities. And let’s face it – men find high heels sexy. They add a dressiness to formal wear or going-out occasion that low heels or flats cannot match. Five-inch heels – sexy or silly? Fabulous or foolish? Stylish or slave to fashion? Only you can be the judge.

Platform shoes

5 inch platform shoesAnywhere you look and everywhere you look, you will see ladies with those 5-inch platform shoes on their feet. Once upon a time it was normal to see flats and 1, 2, and 3 inch heels. Although they were born in the 1930’s, platform shoes are still young at heart. Back in the 1970’s both men and women wore platform shoes. Now there are all kinds of designer heels that are platforms. Platform shoes are shoes that have very thick soles. The soles of the shoes can be made out of rubber, plastic, cork or wood. The platforms made from wood are usually referred to as clogs. The only part of the shoe that is considered when deciding if it is a platform or not is not the heel, but the sole that rests under the main part of the foot. Platform shoes, whether they are 5 inch or smaller or larger, can be found with many different heel types. Usually platform soles are paired with wedge heels, but anymore you can find stiletto heels with a platform sole. Platform shoes also include those that are boots, not just dress heels.

The love for platform shoes came about in the late 1960’s, faded out during the 1980’s and came back into fashion in the 1990’s. There are many different style to the platform shoes, including espadrilles, oxfords, sneakers and sandals. Now, the most famous platform shoes would be the super elevated Gillie that came out in the 1990’s. Supermodel Naomi Campbell was wearing those as she sashayed down the catwalk only to find herself sprawled on the floor, having mis-stepped and fallen. Nowadays you can find celebrities still flashing their feet in stylish platform shoes. Alexander Wang’s platform boots are already being sported by both Madonna and Rhianna. For the ladies who wish to dare to try them out, but aren’t sure how to carry themselves on such elevation, there are even videos and wiki pages describing how to walk in platform shoes. 5-inch platform shoes have really made a hard comeback and it doesn’t look like they will be going away anytime soon.


Men wearing high heels

Men wearing high heels

Though it may seem hard to believe today, high-heeled shoes were first worn by men. Horseback-riding cultures in 10th century Mongolia wore  heels because they helped keep the feet in the stirrups, which explains why cowboy boots still have heels. It also helped the rider secure their stance to be able to shoot a bow and arrow more efficiently. The Persian army wore one-inch heels when courting European aristocrats to help the Persians defeat the Ottoman Empire, spreading the trend to Europe. They came to be associated with the upper class because they showed that the person wearing them maintained and owned horses. Upper class women started wearing high heels, eventually becoming a form of upper and middle-class fashion in the 17th century. As the trend made its way to the lower classes, the aristocracy decided to dramatically increase the height of the shoe on both men and women, effectively inventing the high heel.

High Heels 

high heelsHigh heels were still not associated with gender at this point; Louis XIV wore heels to exemplify his masculinity. He was said to have a vast shoe collection, partly to supplement his short stature. His heels were often decorated with elaborate battle scenes carved on them. Heels were still quite manly at this point; in fact, women initially adopted them to look more masculine. Heels slowly began to become gendered in how they were designed. Men’s heels were more broad and sturdy and women’s were more narrow and decorative. By the 18th century, men decided they were impractical and they began to be known as a lady’s shoe. The French Revolution of 1789 saw the aristocracy and the fancy heeled shoes they wore go out of style, and men’s heels have yet to make a comeback.

It can be difficult to find high heels to wear if you are a man. You will probably have to look in the women’s sections to find them, but there are also online stores that cater specifically to men who want to wear high heels. It can also be difficult to walk in high heels if you haven’t done so before. Wedged high heels are the best shoes to start with because they are one solid platform from the high heel to the toe and the weight is spread out more evenly to help in balancing. From there, you can move on to stilettos or pumps, which have narrow heels that are more difficult to walk in.

Womens shoes with crazy heels

crazy heelsThe idea of crazy heels means different things to different people, and especially depending on the situation. For instance, the idea of crazy heels may strike a young man as something sexy or something desirable. For those in the fashion industry, crazy heels may mean heels that are extremely high or oddly shaped or made out of unusual materials. For a woman, crazy heels may mean heels that are difficult for her as an individual to walk in–every woman has had the experience of that pair of heels she absolutely loved and had to own, but couldn’t wear due to discomfort. Therefore, crazy heels can mean different things according to who is doing the thinking and where they are being asked–for example, a young man doesn’t want to say what he really thinks about sexy crazy heels in front of his mother or grandmother or girlfriend.

Crazy heels come in many different forms. One only needs to search embarrassing videos on online video sites to find video after video of models on the runway, wearing nontraditional heels, falling to the ground. Crazy heels may be heels that are impossible to walk in. For instance, some designers are known for propping their models up on heels that feature 8 inch or more high platform bottoms, making the models appear a foot taller than they are naturally. Crazy heels may also be made out on unusual materials or shaped oddly or backward. The basic shape that forms to the bottom of the foot is versatile and can be featured in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, etcetera.

crazy heels

Crazy heels can also be kinky heels. Some men enjoy wearing heels, with varying degrees of kink. Crazy heels can come in so many shapes and forms that many men who engage in dressing in drag utilize crazy heels or kinky heels as part of their outfit, the process of putting them on and also the image the heels project to the world help the man feel his inner femininity radiate from inside out.

Every woman has at one point owned a pair of crazy heels. Heels are considered such a feminine object in our modern culture that almost every woman owns at least one pair of heels. Often older women will have realized that crazy heels can often be uncomfortable to wear, and will opt for sensible heels, but this is often only after a process in which many years of discomfort in crazy heels takes place. For instance, a woman in her early 50’s will have spent most of her teenage years, 20’s, and maybe into her 30’s, wearing varying degrees of crazy heels. After a process of elimination, this wiser woman will know that crazy heels are not always the way to go, but that a sensible option can be more conducive to human life.

Designer shoes

designer shoesDesigner shoes have become widely popular in the 20th and 21st centuries. Most popular amongst women for their style, such as high heels, other types of designer shoes are being introduced into the market every day particularly for men, a quick growing demographic of designer shoe consumers. From Italian leather dress shoes to athletic designer shoes, there are many options than ever before. But, the question remains, is a designer shoe truly worth the expense? Many frugal consumers do not see the value of such costly shoes; but, to an avid designer shoe purchaser, it is clear: the value is in the shoe itself.

Beautiful designer shoes

The value of a shoe stretches beyond the price; there are multiple factors to consider. Firstly, the quality of materials, designer shoes are made of high quality materials and created with a strong structure they may last longer than their inexpensive competitors. This is not say non-designer shoes are lesser or not exceptional, for they serve their purpose as well. Secondly, in looking at comparable shoes in both designer and non-designer shoes, there is a clear difference in appearance. The designer shoe appear to have smoother lines and seams as well as an overall cleaner appearance. The non-designer shoes are typically lighter, likely due to the use of plastics and rubbers versus leathers. The designer shoe also appear to have fewer deformities on the surfaces and where surfaces meet, for instance at the seams. These are just a few of the initial visual comparisons of designer and non-designer shoes. Now, a regular consumer of non-designer shoe may say the appearance is of low importance when considering the small details. After all, when working daily in an office, who is looking at one’s feet when they are under a desk? Therefore, the price one pays for quality is irrelevant. Every consumer has their preferences and designer shoes are not for everyone, especially if the differences are leather versus plastic. Not everyone has an eye for nuance, nor does every individual care. It is a personal choice, one they must make for themselves. What may be insufficient for one individual may be considered excessive for another.

Designer shoes come in many shapes and sizes, but one consistency is in the quality. If a consumer wants a high quality, long-lasting shoe he or she will pay for it. If the details are not as important to a consumer, he or she will likely opt for the less expensive non-designer shoe. Fortunately, there is a market for everyone. From stores created for the average consumer, filled with more plastic than one could imagine and not an ounce of leather, to designer shoe warehouses where just the opposite is true. There is something for everyone and their needs. Everyone must make a decision based on what is best not only for their personal style, but also for their budgets, It looks like the only item left to consider is whether or not the perfect shoe will fit.


Cute heels- Love Them!

cute heelsA favorite topic of conversation among women is the subject of heeled shoes. A set of cute heels can be found in almost any feminine closet in America. Many find the idea of lacking the perfect cute heels to be the thing of nightmares. The amount of designs to choose from can be mind-boggling as well. There exist floral patterns, textile patterns, and animal prints. You even have the classic solid colors that have been heels such a staple over the years. There are many, many different styles of heel. These could include the ever-popular stiletto, the kitten, or even the easier to walk on wedge. Any way you go, you will be adding a touch of style, class, and maybe even coy sexuality to your wardrobe!

Stilettos consist of a tall, slim heel atleast two inches in height, and no more than a half inch of diameter where it touches the ground. The tall, thin cute heels often makes these heels hard to walk in, let alone run. Sprained ankles and skinned knees are not a rare thing for the inexperienced stiletto wearer! Practice makes perfect, though, as an experienced stiletto wearer can be unmatched in the cute department! However, the position in which they place your feet can shape your calves and rear-end in a way that many women (and men) find desirable. The Kitten is a similar type of heel as the Stiletto. It has the same diameter rule as the Stiletto, but the heel height is shorter. The shorter heel can make it an easier heel to handle for beginners, as it is much easier to balance on a shorter heel. The ankles are less likely to roll, and tripping is far less likely. As the center of gravity of your body stays lower, balance is far easier to maintain. The Wedge is a type of heel that occupies the entire space under foot. It is not relegated to just the heel area, which provides much more comfort and stability against the other two heels talked about. The vastly increased surface area of the heel provides unmatched stability against heel rolling and tripping, while also providing the lift and ultimately cute look of heels. These factors make the wedge a perfect option for those less experienced at walking in heels, or those that will be in their heeled shoes for an extended period of time like a night out.

A cute set of heels can be found in almost any woman’s closet in America. They are an all around staple of footwear. Whether it’s the Stiletto, the Kitten, or the wedge, the knowledge you have gained here will help you to decide which cute heels are right for you. An almost limitless array of colors and patterns is available out there for you to tailor the cute heels to your taste. With a cute pair of heels in your closet to complete your look, you can not go wrong. Given all of the possibilities, you’ll never have to go without the perfectly cute heels to go with that outfit!

Sexy black high heel

black high heel

Oh, those sexy black high heels! How lovely they are on any feet. If you’re also a fan of heels, then black high heels are one of the best, because they go with basically anything, any color, any outfit, anything! You’re going out on the town, you have a beautiful white dress, but no shoes to match, what else would you choose but a pair of black high heels? Let’s say it’s a red dress instead, or even a red tight jumpsuit, black high heels are still perfect for either outfit. Even if you are wearing shorts that are tight and fit, there is nothing like a pair of sexy heels to go with it, and black is the color that would fit just right. This just shows that they really goes with anything. These are not the olden days when had just a pair of heels and you are limited as to style, and size, and height, now, you are almost unlimited as to what you can choose when it comes to black high heels. There are black high heels with red coloring on the heels or a variation of different colors. You may find some with fur on the front outside of the shoe, or even appear with spikes going down the heel!

If you love rhinestones or just glitter, you’re in for a treat, because you can easily find heels that are covered from front to back with these, and the are still visibly beautiful even in black. It’s not uncommon to find lately black high heels that are covered all over from the front to the back and top to bottom with spikes! These are fabulous to look at, as well as to wear, but be careful how you walk close to someone, because they can be a bit of a hazard to those around you! Maybe you don’t like the regular black shoes with the high heels, maybe you’re a boot person. You can commonly find black high heel boots in many shoe stores. If you are looking for knee-high boots, or even thigh high boots. Even if you decide to go with black high heel boots, you are still able to find many different styles for this look as well.

A very creative pair of black high heeled boots, are the ones that have fur going around the top of it, this will give you some sort of a winter look and feel. You can choose boots that sit all the way up, strap up, or that you can just slide your foot right into it. If you’re not really into boots, that’s fine, because there are so many choices, that boots are just a drop in the bucket. You have black high heels with bow ties on them, say if you’re going to church or to something fancy. You even have some designers that will put your picture on a pair of heels, and how beautiful they will look with your picture on the back of your black high heel! It’s not possible to list every style of black high heels in this one sitting, but you get the idea. With this beautiful type of shoes, you can’t go wrong.


Buy sexy black high heels  for that unique feeling and be sexy.