Lace up Heel

When a woman puts on that perfect outfit for a night out on the town. A lace up  heel can be found in just about any fabric texture, color, or pattern.  Nothing can ruin it faster than the wrong pair of shoes. Comfort, style, price, and durability are all factors that have to be taken into careful consideration when choosing that ideal finishing touch to her overall fashion goal. Something unique, but trendy is desired, and the newest item to meet these needs has hit the floor almost as quickly as it hit the shelves; the lace up heel. In terms of style, this design has it all. There are delicate knitted patterns to compliment any casual sundress for that Sunday morning church service. There are sturdier pairs that take on the essence of a boot or high-top sneaker effectively adding that sexy touch to those otherwise comfy favorite pairs of jeans. 81TnH ZsOFL. UY575  Lace up Heel

Lace up Heel

Heels were designed to not only give an added boost to a woman’s height but the leg a more shapely appeal to the eye, and it’s a wonder it’s taken so long for such a simple idea to be applied to such a variety of footwear styles. Lace up heels can take on any fashion challenge, all while meeting standards of comfort. No woman will tell you that wearing a pair of high heels feels like angels rubbing her feet. Often there is an opposite image evoked, one with hot coals and broken glass. The angled shoe puts all of a body’s weight downward onto the toes and weakest portions of the foot. With the traditional unforgiving pump, the shoe’s materials rub, chafe, blister, and cut into the skin. Perhaps the story of Cinderella had at least one thing right in saying no two feet are exactly the same. On one person a shoe may be too tight on the toe but too loose on the ankle while the next person may find the exact opposite true. Most women choose to suffer through the pain when they find it’s the only pair of shoes in the store that are the right color, style, and size for that upcoming wedding reception. With the lace up heel design however, flexibility is afforded. Laces allow personalization, adjusting such tension points, distributing them along the surface of the foot accordingly. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed for comfort, and neither does price or durability. With such a diverse range of styles the lace up heel is becoming available in; it’s only natural that an equal range of price and durability can be found. They can be found to be as expensive as $2,000.00 to as sensibly priced at $10.00. The reason for such a range being that the lace up heel is only going to be as cost efficient or as durable as the shoe the exaggerated heel was added to. It cannot be denied however, no matter the price, the addition of such a comfortable versatile design to any woman’s wardrobe, just may be worth every penny.


Buy Lace up Heel for that unique feeling and be sexy.

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Womens amazing black high heels


51hsKuAXS%2BL Womens amazing black high heels

Black high heels can mix and match with any outfit. From jeans, to skirts, and shorts, high heels can compliment any wardrobe or outfit. High heels in general have been around since medieval times. Centuries ago, high heels were worn by elites and people alike who wanted to give the illusion of being much taller. The trends associated with high heels over the years has fluctuated as well. High heels however are again seeing a resurgence in 2014 and on. There are also some things to consider when wearing high heels. There are many positives and negatives when wearing heels. You have to carefully consider your health and safety. Stability is also important so you don’t sprain an ankle or break a heel. You should surely try and get used to your heels or pumps before venturing off too far!


A simple pair of black high heels

There are some great aspects to the fashion and look of wearing high heels. A simple pair of black stilettos can complement your look in many ways. High heels can make your foot look much smaller including your toes. The number one aspect of high heels is the height advantage. Many fashioners agree that taller draws more attraction. A six inch pair of high heels can obviously gain you a major extension in height. In fashion, everyone wants to maximize their look, especially their height. Some of the negative aspects of wearing or over-wearing high heels can cause serious physical pain and potential lifelong issues. Generally, high heels are known to cause foot pain.

There are thousands and probably hundreds-of-thousands of styles of high heels on today’s market. High heels are no niche. They are a major player in women footwear. One of the most popular styles and colors are black stilettos. Black high heels have application in any situation which is what makes them so versatile. They can go easily with the most casual wear or can dress up with business or formal wear. Black high heels and high heels on a woman’s feet in general demand certain attention. The sound of high heels also is known to pique interest in male attention.

Every woman wants to look good. Black high heels can do just that for any outfit or style. High heels in general are projected to once again peak in popularity this year as well as in coming years according to several sources and fashion outlets, as well as bloggers. Everyone can agree that black high heels reflect both a contemporary and modern flavor that can be utilized in a variety of ways. So why black heels over any other color? Because of simplicity and tradition. The quick fads of heavy ornamentation, loud colors, and funky styles always yields to staples such as a simple pair of black high heels. Styles and fads come and go, but always there will be a woman somewhere standing tall in her black high heels. There are many more ways to utilize high heels. There are also as many styles to choose from. But always remember the power and sense of empowerment a simple pair of black high heels can give you.

Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.

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What are sexy high heels?

71GFhzcHnbL. UY500  What are sexy high heels?

Sexy high heels are a type of shoe that has a low cut front, a heel, may or may not have an ankle strap, and is either close or opened toed. These shoes come in varying heel heights ranging from low heels all the way up to ultra high heels and varying toe types ranging from pointy to square. Sexy high heels are also made from a variety of different materials, colors, and come in a wide assortment of different brand names.

Who wears these types of shoes? High heeled pumps are primarily worn by women. Women wear these shoes for casual, business, or festive occasions. Low heels are considered more comfortable and primarily used for casual use. Medium heels are utilized primarily with business attire. Lastly the high and ultra high heeled pumps are used for more festive occasions such as a party or clubbing event.

Why do women wear high heeled pumps? Sexy high heels help women add height to their normal stature. These high heeled shoes can easily add 1-4 inches to a woman’s height. They also help women gain confidence. Studies have shown that women who wear Sexy high heels tend to feel more confident and assertive.


Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.



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High heel shoes


There are certainly high points and drawbacks to wearing high heel shoes. Comfort plays a factor, as well as balance, but for some women the gain outweighs the pain. Without a doubt, the effort and finesse it takes to walk in these highly regarded shoes is under appreciated.

It’s all about tech71kwQY8brcL. UY500  High heel shoesnique. Some danger can come into play when wearing any heels, but with height comes increased difficulty. Slouching can have disastrous effects, including but not limited to a face full of concrete. So why do women subject themselves to the potential heartache of stiletto heels?

Any confident woman will tell you that impressing a man isn’t worth the pain. It’s all about how it makes her feel. A woman in high heel shoes demands attention and gives an air of prowess. She is a woman taking charge and sometimes she even gets the opportunity to look down and wave at the men who take notice. The world looks bigger and better on top of five inch stiletto heels.


Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.



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Sexy shoes for women

When new, often young, couples go out on a date for the very first time, they want to dress to impress their potential partners. For men, this means doing it up “to the nines.” Wearing freshly-pressed jackets, nicely fitting jeans, and of course a classy pair of shoes. He should always attempt to look his best, especially if he wants the evening to go well.610MXM rxNL. SY500  Sexy shoes for women


For women, this means dressing tastefully but stylishly as well. Recent fashion trends dictate that women do not wear heels as much as they used to in ages gone by. While in the 1920s and 30s for instance, heels were a normal and sometimes even expected part of everyday attire, today with the prevalence of running shoes and especially flats, heels have fallen by the wayside.

81esaYUywdL. SY500  Sexy shoes for women

But the red heel is making a comeback, especially the sexy shoes for women, which seems to be a new favorite. This style makes an especially good impression on a first date, as it fulfills the requirements of looking tasteful yet stylish at the same time. For a woman going out on a first date with a man she is meeting for the first time (or a woman, for that matter) will want to impress her partner.

Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.

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High School Prom

91da2G%2BFoGL. SY500  High School PromEveryone wants to look good when they go to their high school prom. For guys, that means tuxedos in a style they don’t even understand, that comes from an age at least two decades older than them. Huge lapels, ugly colors, baggy pants, the whole works. No one knows who has actually picked these styles or even why we still participate in the bizarre ritual. But somehow, once these kids put on their (admittedly ridiculous) clothes, they never really seem to mind.

For girls, that means dresses with too much fabric, colors even more ridiculous than the guys, and heels of an obscene length. Girls at this age probably haven’t even worn heels more than once or twice, so they’re bound to be awkward walking on them anyway. But prom heels, now that’s a different story. These things are upwards of five inches, with the poor girls hardly knowing how to keep themselves standing upright on them.

61hkIyqXEdL. SY500  High School Prom

It’s a good thing, as a matter of fact, that most high school kids are awkward dancers anyway. The girls can stand on their five inch heels awkwardly swaying from side to side, desperately trying to keep themselves from falling over, while the guys just hold them upright, keeping the girls steady.

Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.

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Why Every Lady Should Wear High Heels?

713X1cnw1EL. SY500  Why Every Lady Should Wear High Heels?

High heels is a must have accessory for every lady who wishes to stand out from the crowd. They are available in different designs, colors and sizes hence finding the right pair will not be a problem. Most women prefer 5 inch heels for a number of reasons.

One of the major reasons why you should invest in a quality pair of heels is that they have the capacity to accentuate your legs. They can significantly improve your posture and make your legs look leaner and longer without compromising your gorgeous body figure. Also, they will make you feel more confident, stylish and assertive as they can enhance the outlook of virtually any outfit. It has also been proven that heels make one look thinner and tone the leg muscles.

Hence, next time when shopping for prom shoes, consider purchasing high heels. Be sure to try them out before making any payment so as to get the right size that can fit your well.


Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.



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Personal style and natural elegance

71O MPPReTL. SY500  Personal style and natural elegance

Women’s shoes have a long history. But one of the most important moments in this long history was the invention of platform five inch heels. These heels came into popularity during the seventies and eighties in the U.S., mainly as a way for women to rebel against domesticity. Alternatively, these heels were also used to redefine domesticity in home itself. Housewives learned to use five inch platform heels to their advantage both in and outside of the house.

They might use a pair of beige heels to look taller and more powerful at office jobs. Perhaps the heels were used to seduce coworkers. Women often cooked dinner in platform heels, smoke in hand, which is perhaps the most surprising point of all. Heels were used in the home to help enliven the daily activities that most women found pretty boring, like cooking dinner or doing laundry. From the boardroom to the living room, five inch platform heels were part of a shift in women’s culture and lives in America. Five inch platform heels still play a major role in American culture, but they operate less strategically than they did during the mid twentieth-century. For example, many women now wear platform shoes ironically, rather than as a way to negotiate domestic and workplace power.


Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.

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Something to Remember about High Heels

71hQzyTJHhL. SY500  Something to Remember about High HeelsA fact told about high heel shoes is that it’s not just shorter ladies who adore them but all ladies do; height only plays it better for the shorter Jane.

Yet, there have been issues raised about difficulties associated with walking in 5 inch heels. Assumptions are high that anyone can dislocate or stress their ankles when walking in high heels. There are also criticisms facing some ladies when their walking styles suddenly change to catwalks every time they change to pump shoes.

Nonetheless, the main problem to worry about (if at all its there) can only be medical for instance, stressing one’s tendons or dislocating an ankle. But to answer the question as to why most other ladies have been successful with high heels for years is not just by mastering their walking styles but by:

  • Finding your perfect fit of stiletto heels;
  • Picking thicker heels over thinner stilettos and
  • Practicing good walk by placing your heel first on the ground then your toe. All these will soon become automatic reflex for you.


Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.


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Shinning a Wedding in Custom Stilettos


61zTQJAuGzL. SX575  Shinning a Wedding in Custom Stilettos

Are you seeking to outshine everyone on that upcoming wedding? First realize that, in crucial occasions like weddings, outstanding bridal shoes will always leave mark. Therefore, for your case, it will be prudent to consider buying stilettos if you really want to transcend. Why are these shoes a pretty asset for you?

Firstly, they are popular for elevating the confidence in any woman. As you stride about in these bridal shoes, you exude the confidence and gaiety that is absolutely crucial in a wedding setting. Secondly, for shorter women, these 5 inch heels are basically the way to go.

Thirdly, these silver shoes already blend perfectly with the shinning background of most wedding settings for instance when complemented with the other bridal attire. However, in as much as these shoes are that crucial for wedding girls, it is equally important that you source them from best shops. Try and get them custom for the whole entourage instead of buying different types and colors for each woman in the group.

Buy 5 inch heels for that unique feeling and be sexy.



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